How To Play

How to Play

  1. Purchasing: pick the magnet bingo card you like best and add the markers or grab a bundle which includes the markers (cross and bandaid)
  2. Let's Start: Place the bingo magnet card on a metal surface. (I would suggest the fridge, Freezer, Dishwasher, etc)
  3. Mark That Spot: When you unfortunately get the bump or bug on your card, put a red cross or bandaid magnet on that square! (for example my son just got over a fever now to brighten his spirits he can mark the fever picture off with a bandaid magnet)
  4. Yay, Bingo!: Two ways to complete a game.

1) The first person or family to get three (3) markers in a row—either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, or

2) You can play the entire sheet of nine (9).

  1. Winning Goodies: The winner gets bragging rights.

Bonus Fun Facts!

  • Scaning the QR code to learn quick tips about how to manage each bug and bump. Parents, you'll love this feature!

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